Gisèle Nubuhoro

President of Mafubo Germany

Mrs. Christine Mensah-Atoemne is a Pan-African activist internationally known for her commitments and her dynamism. She is a visionary for African women and a trainer, effective educator since 1999, she is the founder and president of QUAVIFF (Quality of life for women and girls) Her voice carries far and the biggest causes call for her expertise and activist for the cause of women and girls, she will be a great trade unionist in 2005 and she will be elected deputy in 2007 with great responsibilities:

President of the parliamentary human rights commission and president of the parliamentary network for the protection of children against violence. Always in charge of files that require heart and tenacity, she will always leave an indelible impact for positive change.

She was also a temporary instructor at the EMP / BAMAKO (Peacekeeping School) and currently she is a member of the CENI, rapporteur of the Communication and Public Relations subcommittee to date CENI = Independent National Electoral Commission.

She joined the Mafubo network with enthusiasm as president of Mafubo Togo.

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