Evelyne Butoyi

President of Mafubo Burundi

Burundian, married and mother of 2 boys, she has been a State Registered Nurse in France since 2009, with hospital experience since 1996 working with the Hospitalized Patient. In Burundi, increased responsibilities in hospital management as Head of the Nursing Center, member of the hospital assessment team for PBF (Performance Based Financing).

To date, she is a nurse at the Central Bank of Burundi. During her career, she has benefited from internal training such as: aggressiveness management, support for the dying, comprehensive care for patients living with HIV, Postpartum fistula care, exclusive breastfeeding, hospital waste management…

Very passionate about the caregiver-neat contact, she is characterized by listening & empathy. Dedicated woman for the well being of the patients, she is Christian and practicing.

Outside of her profession, she is involved in activities for the advancement of women through the association "MAFUBO-Burundi" which she also chairs. MAFUBO Burundi is committed to the supervision and support of women in socio-economic difficulty, without forgetting the young girl who encounters various problems such as pregnancy at school, rape or early marriage .

The poor woman and young girl in Burundi, MAFUBO-Burundi has made it her center of interest, by joining forces with our MAFUBO International network so that together, strong of this solidarity, we can put ourselves at the service of women in need of our respective communities.

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