Madame T. Irma Berthe OUEDRAOGO

President of Mafubo Burkina Faso

Mrs. T. Irma Berthe OUEDRAOGO marries SAVADOGO, married mother of two children. From experience, I’ve always believed that a woman’s financial stability requires women’s financial empowerment. My implication for this objective is without conditions I am always ready to do my part. The proximity initiatives challenge me and I accepted to be the president of the association of women of the Municipality of Pilimpikou in Ouagadougou my husband is from this Municipality. The Association has among other objectives to be a framework for reunion, consultation and the development of projects in terms of training and generating activities for the women of this Municipality.

As an individual, I help within the limits of my means (salary) to women and girls in precarious situations in my neighborhood. For example, for three years now, I have taken charge of the education of two girls from the neighborhood who were dropping out of school due to lack of means.

I am also a member of the parish council for economic affairs in my parish. Within this council, I have been in charge of state and land affairs for the parish since 2017. Accountant by training, I am a tax inspector (BAC + 5 level) from the National School of Financial Management (ENAREF) in Burkina Faso. Currently in service with the Directorate of State and Land Affairs (DADF). The DADF is a central directorate of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) of Burkina Faso, whose management of land is an attribution. I join Mafubo with pride and enthusiasm, widening our horizons for the same cause is a significant chance for efficiency

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