Madame TAMOHA Adriannie

President of Mafubo madagascar

A lawyer by training, having obtained a Master in Business Law specializing in International Trade, Adriannie TAMOHA is a graduate of the National School of Administration of Madagascar (ENAM). She has been Trade Commissioner for a few years and has always been very active in the area of empowering women through entrepreneurship in both rural and urban areas.

Aware of the issue of gender issues in the world, Adriannie has always tried, through her studies but also through her social activities, to prioritize the share of women and girls in development. Having worked in the promotion of commercial activities related to agriculture, she was able to observe the precariousness that women encounter in the exercise of their work but also in their daily life and wishes to make its contribution in the protection, support and the support they should be given to better ensure their social and economic well-being. Indeed, for a few years before occupying her current place as Director of Partnerships and Projects at the Central Ministry of Commerce in Antananarivo, she was Regional Director of Commerce in the SAVA Region (northeast of Madagascar) a region internationally renowned for the culture of Vanilla. An experience which strengthened his conviction and his will to always continue his social activities in the promotion of the feminine condition.

Convinced of the need to achieve the objective of sustainable development N ° 5 which is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, Adriannie already expresses her desire to work actively within Mafubo International and to do everything to help Mafubo beneficiaries in Madagascar to better develop and promote their potential. In addition, through her many contacts in the Private Sector in Madagascar, she hopes to launch, with their contributions, a project of economic empowerment and professional integration for the benefit of women and girls.

Adriannie is convinced that the end of violence against women must go through their economic and financial independence and independence, she hopes by contributing to the activities of Mafubo International in Madagascar to achieve this ideal of which she is convinced that it is the real key to real social justice and real inclusive and sustainable development for his country.

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